Artist Statement

My work is a direct expression of my innate curiosity. I learned to see through an abstract lens while studying physics and math, and so it was a natural progression for me to express my views of the world abstractly. When painting, I use non-regular geometries and the interplay of colors, shapes and lines to map my experiences onto the two dimensional plane to elicit movement and emotion.

I often construct interactive projects and installations using material directly sourced from people and communities with whom I come in contact. This can be in the form of a questionnaire hand bound into a book, submissions on my website used to engrave glass globes, or video statements about women presidents. Sometimes I find objects that express my views better than words and so they become a three dimensional painting such as a mural made from glass test tubes. I am forever reaching into new mediums whether it be book binding, glass globes and test tubes, writing IR video games or weaving tapestries. But even as my curiosity leads me in new directions painting remains the core of my studio practice.