My work is insatiable curiosity manifest in visual form. Questions inspired by science, mathematics, philosophy, and humanity for which I have no answers form the basis of my art. I approach these investigations through explorations in painting, installation and social art.

I paint in oil and mixed media, and consider the works as an ongoing conversation with myself. Abstract, and heavily influenced by physics and mathematics, the current series is inspired by projective geometry where I explore the concept of directionality, scale, and dimension in the traditional painting plane. Whereas these paintings are doodles on the indefiniteness of reality, my installations are meditations on our interactions with the technology we create. For these installations, I mostly use found objects such as test tubes or surveillance cameras that I assemble and modify into site specific large scale works. Some of the installations are also social art projects that are constructed of objects that I hand craft or that I have manufactured for me and then alter to my specifications. Sometimes I pose questions to a population and let the responses become the art – as directly as binding the responses into a book. Because my social art projects grow out of thoughts that are inspired by the way we interact directly with each other.

My background in mathematics and science leads me to wonder where we are heading with technology, what we will find, and how we will react. My art, in the form of inquiry, only leads me to more questions, but that’s a good place for me since the journey is the goal.